Produced by Tongxiang Indigo Print Making Co., Ltd. the "LAN LAN" branded indigo print and its finished products are clearly distincted blue from white with delicate elegance. It has made its way to the World market since 1987. With its first contract signed with a foreign customer to produce hand dyeing indigo print, "CHINESE INDIGO PRINT" to outside and was warmly welcomed by consumers, getting more and more popular. So far, it has been exported to more than 20 countries like Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and U.S.A., etc, The company is now an important basis exporting this kinag of clothes.

   The company owns high technology of designing and plate making. The <Bai Zi picture> produced by the company shows one hundred Children playing happily in lively and various manners. Not only does it get repeated orders from customers since 1986, but also it appeared in the postcards in Tokyo in Jan.1986. During March and May 1986, it was repeatedly introduced in four English newapapers as People's Daily, China Daily, etc, Five TV stations as CCTV and STV also televised this news. Its hanging scrolls won the Tongxiang developing prize in 1988. <Qingming Shang He Picture> awarded silver medal of Chinese First Refined Arts and Crafts in 1999 and special gold medal of chinese National Art Exhibbition of Zhejiang.


Tongxiang indigo print is popular at home and abroad with unique distinctions:

  • The whole process of dyeing is conducted by hands. Its apider threded "Ice Lines" is unique & known as the "soul" of the hand dyeing technique which can hardly be replaced by modern dyeing machines.

  • Thick blue and pure white with clear lines is basically emphasized in this technique.

  • The designs are full of national favor and elegance even with density in its structure.

  • Using natural planting dyeing stuffs free of any chemicals, poisons and bad smells, it is durable in washing and sunshining withour color fading and avoid pests.

  • Practical and artistic. It is now used to make differen designed clothes, curtains, table clothes and traveling products.

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