In the folk art of our country, indigo print is a beautiful master price with eastern charms, using soybean, lime powder and indigo blue as dye stuffs through complete hand work. Such pure fabrics with simple and lovely designs, give out eternal artistic fragrance.

   Chinese indigo print originated from Qin and Han Dynasties and flourished in Song Dynasty. With the establishment of capital in Lin'an (Hangzhou) in Southern Song Dynasty, numerous skilled craftsmen appeared along the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River. The profound culture of Huanghe River valley was in perfect hanmony with brilliant Wu Yue Culture. At that time Chinese indigo print entered into a completely new stage both in technical and artistic aspects, from there on, indigo print is not only the colorful clothing material, but also can be made into door curtains, handkerchiefs, tents, bed sheets and various articles for personal adornments. It is closely connected with people's daily life. According to the historical records, Tongxiang indigo print was very prosperous during Song and Yuan Dynasties.At time, numerous looms were found everywhere in Chongde (belong to Tongxiang),boats coming and going on the rivers were loaded with indigo print cloth. At present, the popular traditional patterns, such as "Phoenix Passing Through Peony Flowers", "Lion Turning Embroidered Ball", "Long Life with Good Fortune" and "Three Friends in Winter" are all handed down from ancient editions.

   Tongxiang indigo print company ltd. is the only one in Zhejiang Province where the production is carried out in complete traditional technology. On the basis of carrying forward the excellent cultural legacy, the company absorbs traditional Chinese parnting, printing, paper-cutting and other artistic ways to carry out research and development, bring forth new ideas, thus forming a unique style and becomes in fluential in the country, indigo print series are warmly welcomed and commented in Japan, Southeast Asia and Weat Europe.



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