Indigo print is hand-print produced according to Chinese customary art procedure

   Indigo print has bright colour and elegant pattern. In of years, thousands it has been made into garments, sheets, aprons, table cloth and so on.

   The making of indigo print has its long history. Early in Qing dynasty and Han dynasty, these fabrics printed with patterns on are called "JIE", "Blue and white alternated" to describe the procedures of dyeing in that time.

   In Qing dynasty and Han dynasty when the paper making have not beenm vented, planting cottons have not started. People just can crave patterns on both sides of board, then put linen and silk fabrics between two patterned board to dye. These fabrics are called "JIA JIE", which is the element of nowadays indigo print.

   Accompanied by the paper invetion of Chai Lun and introduction of planting cottons from India in seventh century. Hoang Dao Po from Song Jiang teach the feasants in Tiang Nan the cotton woven technology, which she learned from Hainan in bth century. So the technology of patten board to make indigo print has been improved greatly, and become popular.

   The lines pattern of indigo print all comes from folk, This reflects peoples favorite and their hope to happy lives and complicate taste. In themes and contents people's kind hearts have been united both in forme and contents in the folk indigo print. So the indigo print really reflects the accumulation of culture and art.


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