From The Nature and Back To The Nature

  • Using natural plants as dyeing stuff, it has become the new recycling dyeing technique of the 21th century.

  • Tongxiang is full of natural plants, like chrysanthemum, mulberry tree bark, rice straw, etc. are endless resources of dyeing stuffs.

  • Silk textiles and clothes using plant dyeing stuffs are comfortable and soft in shade. It feels like going back to nature.
  • The making of indigo print is not very complecated, but the requirement of quality is very high.

  • On lines design & pattern board making,
    we combine dost,lines and sides to make lines, then use paper to carve into pattern board, lastly, using chinese wood oil to paint and drying.

  • Stamp print
    Mix round plaster, soybean and waters into print anti-dyeing paste on the fabric, and then it will be dyed up after seven days.

  • Plant material dyeing
    Use "Blue grass" color to make dyeing water, then dye several times in the home tempreture. Usvally dye 3-4 times for light colours, 7-8 times for morderate colour, more than 10 times for dark colours.

  • Scratching & washing
    The dyed indigo print, use knift to wipe off anti-dyeing paste layers, then use water to wash out the colors in several times.

    Zhi Zi

    Mulberry Tree Bark


    Qian Cao

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