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Illustration of Manufacturing Indigo-print
The manufacturing of Indigo-print isn't too difficult, yet it is a kind of particular process consisting of four main working procedures.

1, Pattern design and pattern board making.
Design pattern based on point, line and plane, then engrave paper into pattern board; finally, coat the pattern board with boiled wood oil and give it an airing.

2, Intaglio Printing (or called "embossing")
Mix lime and bean flour and water into dye resistant paste, then spread the paste onto fabric through the pattern board, then dry the fabric in the shade for 7 days before it shall be dyed.

3, Dye fabric by vegetable dye
Prepare dye from coloring matter derived from "Blue Grass"; dye the fabrics for many times under room temperature. Generally, fabric shall be dyed 3-4times for light shade, fabric to be dyed 7-8 times for middle shade, and to be dyed over 10 times for dark shade.

4, Scraping and cleaning process
The dyed indigo print shall be dried in the sun or baked, and dye resistant paste shall be scraped by scraper, then the fabrics shall be washed by flowing water many times to fully clear away loose dyes.

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