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Sheet of Sizes and adaptive Heights (Standard Figure)

Women's clothing Adaptive Height Men's clothing Adaptive Height
S 155--160(CM) S 160--165(CM)
M 160--165(CM) M 165--170(CM)
L 165--170(CM) L 170--175(CM)
XL 170-175(CM) XL 175--180(CM)
XXL 170-175(CM) XXL 180(CM) over


1. If you are too thin or too fat, you can indicate required size correction in the remarks place of each line of order( or the big remarks column in each order); since different patterns have different styles, be sure not to type your real size( since there would be errors due to different measurements). Thus you only need to indicate size correction, such as height to be increased by 3cm, bust to be increased by 2cm and waistline to be reduced by 2cm, etc; in this way, we can provide you with right clothing. However, such customization will postpone delivery by several days.

2. If your styles are quite different from listed styles, the above point can't be applied, you can try "Self-service Assorting &Ordering System" providing many styles and individualized design functions, which maybe can meet your individual requirements.

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