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indigo-print Pure Brightness Festival on the River-12
indigo-print Transverse Wall-hanging-6
indigo-print Vertical Wall-hanging-32
indigo-print Door Curtain-18
indigo-print Tablecloth &Carpet (Rectangular)-13
indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)-22
Indigo-print bag-32
indigo-print Costume-0
indigo-print knot dyeing table cloth-1
indigo-print Art ware-45
indigo-print face cloth-9
indigo-print Article for kendo-0
Scroll Painting Storage Box-0
Vegetation Dyeing lunch menu-0
indigo-print Cheapness Merchandise-0
indigo-print Tie-dyed print A-0
Double color Indigo-print-12
Coarse cloth indigo-print-0
Color indigo print-0
Vegetable Dyed Clothes-1
Vegetable Dyed Door Curtain-4
indigo-print Tie-dyed print-0
Color Tie-dyed print-0
Tie-dyed print Costume-1
Vegetable Dye-7
Indigo Dye-0

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Price list Products:440 Pages:15 No.1
No. Name Order quantity Preferential price
IP-B00909  Indigo-print0909$ 4.6
IP-B00908  Indigo-print0908$ 5.2
IP-B00905  Indigo-print0905$ 4.6
IP-C00904  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0904$ 7
IP-C00877  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0877$ 40
IP-C00875  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0875$ 52
IP-C00874  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0874$ 85
IP-B00870  Indigo-print0870$ 4.6
IP-B00869  Indigo-print0869$ 5.2
IP-C00862  indigo-print Art ware0862$ 1.7
IP-C00861  indigo-print Vertical Wall-hanging0861$ 27
IP-B00906  Indigo-print0906$ 5.2
IP-B00905  Double color Indigo-print0905$ 6
IP-B00902  Indigo-print0902$ 5.2
IP-B00901  Indigo-print0901$ 6
IP-B00900  Indigo-print0900$ 6
IP-B00898  Indigo-print0898$ 4.6
IP-B00897  Indigo-print0897$ 5.2
IP-B00896  Indigo-print0896$ 5.2
IP-B00895  Indigo-print0895$ 5.2
IP-B00893  Indigo-print0893$ 4.6
IP-B00892  Indigo-print0892$ 4.6
IP-B00890  Indigo-print0890$ 5.2
IP-C00888  indigo-print Art ware0888$ 2.6
IP-C00887  indigo-print Art ware0887$ 2.6
IP-C00907  indigo-print Art ware0907$ 2.6
IP-C00906  indigo-print Art ware0906$ 2
IP-C00905  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0905$ 17
IP-C00901  indigo-print Tablecloth  (Square/circular)0901$ 7
IP-C00900  Indigo-print bag0900$ 10
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